Biotopes of Aedes vexans development in the long flood-plain forest of the Dnipro river

  • N. V. Voronova Zaporizhzhya National University
  • O. Y. Pakhomov Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University
  • V. V. Gorban’ Zaporizhzhya National University


The aim of the research was to estimate the role of different types of biotopes in a formation of the Aedes vexans high ecological valency. The greatest number of Ae. vexans mosquitoes procreate in basins with the moderate density of larvae (49.6–70.2 %), less mosquitoes procreate in basins with the high one (15.9–19.0 %). The optimal and effective density for the development of mosquitoes larvae in temporary basins of a long while flooded forest of the Dnipro river is 350–1700 specimens/m2, that’s why it is necessary just to pay attention to them during taking measures on reducing their numbers. 


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