Vol 20, No 1 (2012)

Visnyk of Dnipropetrovsk University. Biology, ecology

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15421/01122001

Table of Contents


Diversity of litter invertebrates communities from the tunel’na gully in Dnipropetrovsk city English
V. V. Brygadyrenko, L. I. Faly, K. G. Yakimets 03-12
Bacterial biofilms. Bacteria Quorum sensing in biofilms English
E. S. Vorobey, O. S. Voronkova, A. I. Vinnikov 13-22
The long-term dynamics of fish take in the Azov sea in hydrogeological conditions change English
V. А. Demchenko 23-27
Macrozoobenthos of the danubean lake Crivoe in the conditions of anthropogenous influence English
Y. M. Dzhurtubaev, M. M. Dzhurtubaev 28-33
Chlorella sphaerica and its position in the Genus diplosphaera (Chlorophyta, Trebouxiophyceae) English
V. M. Karbovska, I. Y. Kostikov 34-42
Monitoring of chromosomal aberrations in natural populations of Pinus pallasiana English
V. P. Koba 43-47
Trophic relations of Pterostichus melanarius (Coleoptera, Carabidae) with dominant species of invertebrates in forest ecosystems of steppe Dnieper region English
О. V. Korolev, V. V. Brygadyrenko 48-54
Effect of heavy metal ions and zinc complex on the dynamics of growth of bacteria Pseudomonas English
A. V. Krysenko, T. V. Sklyar, A. I. Vinnikov, N. V. Prischepa 55-59
Seasonal dynamics of oxygen regime of the lotic ecosystem (the Small Siret river) English
U. V. Legeta, D. G. Gavryloe 60-65
Coenomorphs of natural deciduous forests in Northern Steppe of Ukraine English
N. M. Nazarenko, О. O. Didur 66-77
Phytotoxic effect of SO2, NO2 and lead ions on the vegetative organs of decorative plants English
О. P. Pryimak 78-83
Ecosystem genetics: extended phenotype and the problem of its heritability English
A. P. Simchuk, A. V. Ivashov 84-91
Capability of microbiological preparation «Tamir» in the treatment of domestic sewage English
D. V. Skvortsova, A. G. Trokhymenko 92-99
Morphological parameters of the norway maple small undergrowthin forests of the Novgorod-Sivers’k Polissia English
V. G. Skliar 100-106
Ichthyofauna of the reservoirs of Central Vietnam English
I. A. Stolbunov 107-111
Morphofunctional and behavioral differences of some tropical cyprinid fish species (Сyprinidae) from different-type habitats English
I. A. Stolbunov 112-118
Daily dynamics of species diversity and density clusters of fish in the coastal zone of reservoir Kam Lam and its tributary Suoi Coc (Vietnam) English
I. A. Stolbunov, I. V. Shlyapkin 119-123
Zooplankton distribution in the superficial layer of the Sheksna Reservoir English
V. N. Stolbunova 124-130
The Uday river’s littoral zooplankton in the region of the national nature park «Pyriatynskiy» English
V. N. Trokhymets, M. V. Sydorenko, A. V. Podobaylo 131-138
Fullerenes: prospects of using in medicine, biology and ecology English
D. V. Schur, Z. Z. Matysina, S. Y. Zaginaichenko, N. P. Botsva, О. V. Elina 139-145

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