Vol 19, No 1 (2011)

Visnyk of Dnipropetrovsk University. Biology, ecology

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15421/01111901

Table of Contents


Absorption of chlorine ions from NaCl solution by barley roots under influence of NaBr English
V. B. Abdyev, N. A. Kasumov 3-9
Transamination enzymes activity in the leaves of Sambucus nigrа under the high mineralization English
O. M. Vasilyuk, A. F. Kulik 10-15
Callusogenic potential of maize lines of Lancaster group in vitro English
K. V. Derkach, O. E. Abraimova, T. M. Satarova 16-21
Influence of low-frequency vibration on the erythrocytes acid resistance English
O. I. Dotsenko, A. M. Mischenko 22-30
Prosthogonimus cuneatus (Digenea, Prosthogonimidae) in Bithynia tentaculata mollusks in Ukraine English
Y. P. Zhytova, A. M. Yemets 31-35
Physiological features of toleranceof the main species of blooming lawns in the urban environment English
G. A. Zaiyko, U. V. Lykholat 36-40
Trophic preferences of Pterostichus oblongopunctatus (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in conditions of south forest-steppe English
O. S. Komarov, V. V. Brygadyrenko 41-50
Investigation of the stability of hemiclonal population systems of water frogs hybridogeneous complex by the means of simulation modeling English
M. O. Kravchenko, D. A. Shabanov, M. V. Vladimirova, G. M. Zholtkevych 51-64
Ecological aspect of the soil mechanical resistance in the oak forest of the steep bank English
O. М. Kunah, A. A. Baldin 65-74
Ichthyofauna of the ponds or Nyvka river (Kyiv) English
V. A. Kundiev, Y. M. Sytnik 75-81
Influence of long-lasting stress on the regulation of rats’ heart rate English
O. Z. Melnikova, V. P. Lyashenko, G. O. Zadorozhna, T. G. Chaus, Y. N. Snezhkovskaya, Y. A. Luchka 82-88
Comparison ecological characteristics of mound-building mouse (mus spicilegus) in two natural hotbeds of tularemia at North-West coast of the Black sea English
І. T. Rusev, V. N. Zakusylo, A. A. Ovcharov 89-100
Polymorphism and differentiation in populations of Pinus sylvestris in the Ukrainian Carpathians English
S. N. Sannikov, I. V. Petrova, T. V. Filipрova, S. N. Sannikova, T. V. Parpan, E. V. Egorov 101-112
Influence of oak planting on microelement composition (on example of Mn) of ordinary chernozem English
Y. O. Tagunova 113-122
Vitality structure of the populations of some weed species in crop sowings English
E. M. Tikhonova 123-129
Formation of the litter reserves on upland meadows of the left-bank forest-steppe of Ukraine English
L. D. Orlova 130-136
Influence of growth-promoting factors on activity of nitric metabolism enzymes in maize English
G. S. Rossihina, V. S. Bilchuk, V. V. Lashko, O. M. Vinnychenko 137-142
Vital status of trees plantations of the Shevchenko park in Zaporizhzhya city English
A. S. Yalovenko 143-149

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