Vol 19, No 2 (2011)

Visnyk of Dnipropetrovsk University. Biology, ecology

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15421/01111902

Table of Contents


On the issue of taxonomical status of steppe viper (Vipera renardi) in Right-bank Ukraine English
A. L. Baybuz, O. V. Kukushkin, O. I. Zinenko 3-12
Electric conductivity of теchnozems as an index of ecological properties of agrobiogeocoenosis English
T. Y. Bets, O. M. Bashtannik 13-18
Protective effect of sodium chloride for cultivated oat’s adaptation to the surplus of cooper sulphate English
M. M. Vakerich, V. I. Nikolaychuk, H. M. Denchilja-Sakal, Y. Hasynets, O. Tkach 19-24
Influence of ferrous and manganese salts on growth and light scattering properties of Desulfuromonas acetoxidans bacteria English
O. M. Vasyliv, S. O. Hnatush, O. I. Bilyy, V. B. Getman 25-33
Soil mesofauna in the conditions of dynamics of vegetation productivity of floodplain meadows in the South-East of Belarus’ English
V. N. Veremeev 34-39
Seed production of woody plants in conditions of environment pollution by metallurgical industry emissions English
Z. V. Gritzay, A. G. Denisenko 40-44
Activity of oxidizing processes in introduced plants under low hardening temperature English
I. O. Zaitseva 45-54
Corticolous lichens of Ulmus laevis and Populus nigra consortia in the industrial territory of mining and smelting complex of Kryvyi Rih basin English
V. V. Kachinskaya, G. O. Naumovich 55-60
Vegetation dynamics of the Berdyansk firing ground (Zaporizhzhya region) English
V. P. Kolomiychuk 61-70
3d soil structure within the mound of mole rats (Spalax microphthalmus) English
T. М. Konovalova 71-75
Retrospective review of the ichthyocomplex formation in the Orel river English
V. M. Kochet, О. О. Khristov, J. А. Marchenkova, D. L. Bondarev 76-85
Biological and ecological description of herbage of lime-ash oakery in central floodplain of the Samara river English
O. I. Lisovets, V. A. Brayilko 86-92
Litter mesofauna seasonal dynamics of anthropogenically transformed ecosystems in Dniprodzerzhinsk city English
K. O. Moroz, A. V. Lygun, V. V. Brygadyrenko 93-102
Effect of photostimulation on maize leaves’ bioelectrical response English
M. P. Motsnyj, N. P. Botsva, О. V. Elina, Y. A. Ulanova 103-108
Effect of stressful conditions on the functional state of blood eritroid cells English
O. A. Nykyforova 109-113
Dynamics of number and daily activity of mosquitoes in high-rise buildings of Odessa city English
І. T. Rusev, V. N. Zacusilo, V. D. Vynnyk 114-119
Prospects of hydrological reserves in the middle stream of the Sula river English
M. Y. Starovoitova 120-125
Commercial and non commercial fish species of the Lipetsk region rivers English
V. G. Tereshchenko, V. P. Ivanchev, C. S. Sarychev, E. J. Ivancheva, O. V. Sarycheva, L. I. Tereshchenko 126-131
Resistance of plants in underflooding territories during droughts in Kirovograd town English
O. G. Filimonikhina, U. V. Lykholat 132-135
Grass snake populations’ features of the forest biogeocoenoses in the Samara river area English
V. Y. Gasso 136-142
Hryhoryuk Ivan Panasovych - scientist, mentor, teacher English
O. Y. Pakhomov, U. V. Lykholat, V. V. Brygadyrenko 143-146

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