Phytoecological indicators for biological recultivation of soils polluted with oil in the Absheron peninsula

  • E. M. Gurbanov Department of Botany Baku State University
  • A. A. Akhundova Baku State University


Phytoecological indicators of polluted soils of Amirov Oil-and-Gas Production Department (Garadag district,Baku) were studied. Phytocenological and biomorphological analysis of flora was done with the aim of further biological rehabilitation of Absheron peninsula. Oil products (black oil, boring waters, etc.) pollution turns the plant cover into a dead mass. Decontamination of soil and rehabilitation of microbial community improve the soil’s fertility. Wild and cultured plant indicators may be used in biopurification of the soils polluted with oil products. Sowing of the fodder crops followed by the technical remediation forms the clean areas of higher productivity.


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