Effects of saline stress on growth and crop yield of different maize (Zea mays) genotypes

  • E. M. Gurbanov Department of Botany Baku State University
  • D. Molazem Astara Branch of Islamic Azad University


Effects of saline stress (NaCl) on yield and vegetative characteristics of eight maize cultivars were studied. The cultivars K3615/1, S.C704, B73, S.C302, Waxy, K3546/6, K3653/2, and Zaqatala were cultivated in two plots of the Astara region: one was with normal soil and the other – with salty one. Salinization reduced the plant height, ear length, ear diameter, number of plant leaves, stem diameter, number of rows in an ear, number of grains in a row, and dry plant mass in all cultivars. Maximal ear length was observed in Zaqatala, B73, and S.C704, and the least one was detected in K3653/2. Salinization decreased crop yield of all the cultivars. Certain correlations between studied parameters were found.


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