Influence of ferrous and manganese salts on growth and light scattering properties of Desulfuromonas acetoxidans bacteria

  • O. M. Vasyliv Ivan Franko Lviv National University
  • S. O. Hnatush Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
  • O. I. Bilyy Ivan Franko Lviv National University
  • V. B. Getman Ivan Franko Lviv National University


Desulfuromonas acetoxidans are obligatory anaerobic gram-negative sulfurreducing eubacteria. The influence of different concentrations of iron (III) chloride hexahydrate, iron (II) sulfate and manganese (II) chloride hexahydrate on D. acetoxidans growth and light scattering properties has been investigated. The correlation between biomass accumulation and changes of the cells’ light scattering properties has been as-certained under the influence of the 3d transition metal salts. The maximum of cell distribution curve equaled 0.49 ?m under the influence of all investigated concentrations of iron (III) chloride hexahydrate, iron (II) sulfate and manganese (II) chloride hexahydrate. The highest relative content of cells with maximal size (0.49 ?m) and the largest biomass were observed under the influence of 2.5 mM FeCl3x6H2O and 0.5 mM MnCl2x4H2O. Under the influence of FeSO4 the highest D. acetoxidans biomass was obtained with addition of 2.5 mM metal salt in the growth medium. The highest relative cell content with maximal size was observed under the influence of 0.5–1.5 mM FeSO4.


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