Thorium and uranium in soil fractions and certain macromycete species in boreal forest ecosystems

  • M. M. Vinichuk Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden Zhytomyr State Technological University, Zhytomyr, Ukraine


The content of thorium (Th) and uranium (U) in fractions of soil edaphosphere, rhizosphere, rhizoplane, fungal mycelium and fruit bodies were investigated. The concentrations of thorium in edaphosphere and rhizosphere fractions and mycelia of fungi are not different significantly and vary in the range of 0.74–1.45 mg kg–1 dry matter. The concentration of thorium in the rhizoplane fraction is 4 times lower than in the bulk soil – edaphosphere. The concentrations of uranium in edaphosphere, rhizosphere and rhizoplane fractions and fungi mycelium are not significantly different and vary between 3.11 and 9.36 mg kg–1 dry matter. The content of the studied natural isotopes in fruit bodies of fungi is 270 times lower than in the bulk soil: biological absorption coefficients of uranium and thorium in fruit bodies are on average 0.035 and 0.006, respectively. The contents of thorium and uranium in fungal mycelium and fruit bodies increase with increasing their concentrations in the soil. It is shown that in the fungi mycelium of the upper (0–5 cm) layer of forest soil can be allocated 2.0–5.0 and 1.4–2.7 % of the total thorium and uranium soil content, respectively.


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