Influence of the long-term cold on isolated maize immature embryos in vitro

  • T. M. Satarova Agricultural Steppe Zone Institute of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine
  • D. E. Strunin The Institute of Grain Farming of UAAS,
  • P. N. Galushchak Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology


The influence of the long-term effect of low positive temperature on isolated immature embryos of different maize genotypes during their in vitro maintenance was studied. The possibility of obtaining vigorous green seedlings after 3-month cold storage of embryos was shown. The abilities of embryos of different lines and F2hybrids to germinate under the given conditions are compared. Perspectives of further investigations to ascertain the conditions of effective maintenance of isolated maize immature embryos and further obtaining vigorous seedlings are discussed.


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