Frequency parameters of cord dorsum potentials of a spinal cord under rhythmic stimulation of cutaneous nerves

  • O. O. Shugurov Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University


Frequency parameters of cord dorsum potentials (CDP) of a spinal cord (SC) at a rhythmic stimulation of cutaneous nerves with use of Fourier-transformation were studied. It is shown, that the spectral characteristics can reflect modifications of a composition of CDP in reply to frequency stimulation. The work of systems of a regulation can be estimated by changes of amplitudes of CDP. The management modulation finds the reflectance in change of the local maximums of spectrum of a Fourier-image. The changes of efficacy of generators systems can variate frequency characteristics of packs of impulses in nervous canals. The found phase alterations in spectra of signals testify to a possibility of phase modulation use by nervous system at the time of the sensory information encoding in spinal cord.


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