Methodical aspects of bacteriobenthos inventory at conditions of temperature seasonal fluctuation

  • V. P. Chekalov O. Kovalevsky Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas


The appropriateness of using the coefficient of temperature correction for the censuring of bacteria in natural conditions, including polar zone water areas, is considered. The numbers of potentially viable and physiologically active microflora in the warm period of year usually coincide. Only one cell in a hundred can be active under conditions of the lower temperature. As a rule, the cultivation of bacterial inoculations at temperatures (+20…+25 °С) which uncharacteristic for a cold season gives the skewed results. A percentage ratio of the number of colonies firstly found out visually under “cold” incubation to the number of colonies of mesophilic forms at the same time lag is proposed to use as a correction coefficient. The modified iron-sulfite agar (Wilson-Blair nutrient medium) is offered for research of anaerobic and aerobic bacterial community. 


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