Severynovska Olena V.

Prof., DSc., O.V. Severynovska Dean of Biology, Ecology and Medicine Faculty, Prof. of Department of Human and Animal Physiology, Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University, Ukraine.

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International Letters of Natural Sciences

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Bulletin of Kharkov national University

Ukrainian  pharmaceutical

Contacts: +38-050-56-5-381;

 1. Publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals

  • Severynovska O., Babicheva V., Galinskiiy A., Rudenko A., Bogatyreva O., Boyko M., 2015.  Bioelectrical activity of the amygdala of rats under conditions of chronic alcoholism and imbalance of nitric oxide. International Letters of Natural Sciences, SciPress Ltd., Switzerland 49,  1-6.
  • Tretyak T.,  Severynovska O., Dregval I., 2016  Psycho-Emotional and Functional State in the Process of Intuitive Thinking.  International Letters of Natural Sciences, SciPress Ltd., Switzerland,  55, 17-24.


The total number of citations ( in the name of O.V. Seerynovska is 8. 
44 articles have been published in scientific journals, also 1 book and 4 textbooks.

2. Granted patents

The number of grants – 1.

3. Research monographs, chapters in collective volumes and any translations there of – no

4. Invited presentations to peer-reviewed, internationally established conferences

  • Proc. of the 30th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Radiation Biology ( Warszawa, Poland, 2000);
  • Proc. Intern. conf. “Cost 244 BIS: Biomedical effects of electromagnetic fields. Bioeffects of transient EMF exposure”(Spain, 2000);
  • The 3rd  Eurosym-posium on Protec-tion against Radon (Belgium, 2001);
  • 31st  Annual Meeting of the European Soc. For Radiat. Biol. (Dresden, Germany, 2001);
  • 11th  Annual Meeting of SETAC-Europe (Madrid, 2001);
  • 6th  International Conference on the Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements (Guelph, Canada, 2001);
  • Int Conf.on Energy, Environment and Disasters (Nort Caroline, Charlote, USA, 2005):
  • Int. interdisciplinary congress “Progress in Neuroscience for Medicine and Phiciology (Crimea< Ukraine, 2005);
  • Second IntI Interdisciplinary Congress “ Neuroscience for Medicine and Psychology” (Kiev, Ukraine, 2006;
  • Proc. Conf "Int. disaster and risk conference” ( Davos, Switzerland, 2006);
  • V Miedzynarodowej naukowi-praktycznej konferencji “Strategiczne pytania swiatowej nauki” (Warsaw, Poland, 2009);
  • I Int. Congress of Sport Traumatology and Arthroscopy for Central-Eastern Europe (Warsaw, Poland, 2009);
  • Pract.conf. “The regue artroscopy symposium on cartiage surgery” (Prague, Czech republic, 2009);
  • II Int. Symposium “Moleculsr Mechsnisms of Synaptic Transmission Regulation” ( Kiev, Ukraine, 2012);

 In total O.V. Severynovska has participated in 32 international congresses and conferences.


5. Research expeditions 


6. Organisation of International conferences 


7. Examples of participation in industrial innovation


8. Prizes and Awards

2008- 2016 – Award for Educating Senior School Pupils, Members of the Junior Academy of Sciences in Chemistry and Biology, granted by Dnipropetrovsk Regional Administration.

9. Funding received so far

2000 - Grant for internships in the program "Public relations", USA

10. Supervising, mentoring activities

Grigorova M.A. Antioxidant activity in various tissues of rats after prolonged exposure to ionizing radiation and heavy metals complex Dissertation for degree of Candidate of Biological Sciences on speciality 03.00.13 – Phisiology man and animals. N. Karain Kharkiv  National University. – Kharkiv, 2009. 153 p

Practically every year one or two Masters or Bachelors students successfully defend thesis under my supervision. Many of these have received awards in the All-Ukrainian Competition for Students in “Theoretical medicine”.

In 2008 the senior school under my supervision was win prizes in the All-Ukrainian Competition of the Junior Academy of Sciences and practically every year  one to two senior school pupils win prizes in the Dnipropetrovsk region level of this competition.

11. Positions held

          Facult of Biology, Ecology and Medicine, Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University, Ukraine

  • 2014–present – dean of Biology, Ecology and Medicine Facult
  • 2008–present – Professor in the Department of Human and Animal Physiology. Teaches the following subjects “Physiology of the cardiovascular system”, ”Synapses”,” Physiology of higher nervous activity”  “Physiology of behaviour”, “Psychophysiology foundations of ethology”, “Physiology of thinking and speech”
  • 2015present – Editor-in-Chief “International Letters of Natural Sciences” (
  • 2008present  Magazine Editor of the scientific journals “Biosystems Diversity” ( and “Regulatory Mechanisms in Biosystems” ( 
  • 2014–present – Review Bulletin of Kharkov national University,  Ukrainian  pharmaceutical
  • 2010–present –  The Chief  of the biological section of Pridneprovsk scientific centre  

12. Education

  • Department of Human and Animal Physiology, Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University, Ukraine
  • 20052008 – Post-doctorial  student, successfully defended dissertation “The mechanism of the realization of adaptation-compensation reactions of an organism in conditions of action ecopathogenic factors”.
  • 1993-1997 – Post-graduate student, successfully defended dissertation “Spinal mechanisms of the phenomenon of active rest”.

13. Personal information

Olena V. Severynovska
Date and Place of Birth – 30.07.1971,

Cherkassy, Ukraine.
Citizenship Ukraine.

14. Contact information

Tel.: +38-050-56-57-381
O.V.Seveynovska, Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University, Gagarin Ave., 72, Dnipropetrovsk, 49010, Ukraine.