Data on spore morphology of Cerosora microphylla (Anogramma microphylla) (Pteridaceae)

  • A. V. Vaganov South-Siberian Botanical Garden
  • I. I. Gureyeva Tomsk State University
  • A. A. Kuznetsov Tomsk State University
  • A. I. Shmakov South-Siberian Botanical Garden
  • R. S. Romanets Tomsk State University
Keywords: Anogramma, Cerosora, Pteridoideae, Pteridaceae, morphology of the spores, scanning electronic microscopy (SEM)


We used the method of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to study the representatives of the genus Anogramma from South-West Asia and the Himalayas. To confirm the presence of Cerosora microphylla (Hook.) R.M. Tryon in China (hence, the absence of Anogramma microphylla (Hook.) Diels), we revealed the features of external morphology of spores that are not inherent in representatives of the genus Anogramma: absence of an equatorial ridge, roundish-triangular shape of the spores in the proximal-polar and distal-polar positions; absence of roller-like bulges extending upward in the form of ridges along the contour of the distal side of the spore; roller-like folds extending upward in the form of ridges both on the proximal and distal sides of the spore. In addition, one feature revealed for C. microphylla – spherical tubercles between the proximal and distal roller-like folds located along the spore equator – indicates its high species-specificity. 


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